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Avoid being one of the 90% of businesses that do not sell or transfer!

Ask Yourself…  “what are the consequences to my business, to my life, to my myself, to those I love by not building a sellable/transferable business?”

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We provide a unique alternative to selling your business now – one that focuses on sellable value increasing business worth.

Protecting Hard-Earned Equity
Increase Sellable/Transferable Value
Expand Options For Transition (when you are ready)

Whatever you do, please don’t do nothing.

Building a business is hard work that requires both financial and emotional investments. Don’t let common owner emotions guide your decisions. It might feel uncomfortable to think about the future, and you might think you’ll deal with it later. But too often, later never comes.  

That’s probably why more than 70% of all business owners don’t even have a succession plan for when they’re ready to move on. In fact, many of them simply wait too long to build a sellable  business and are forced to exit with disappointment or just close up shop. They never fully reap the benefits of all the hard work they’ve put in.

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The Smart Alternative to Selling Your Business.

Whether you’re working towards retirement, or you are a young company in need of scaling, your business must build in future value. But to do that, your business needs to be sellable.

What does that mean?

In a nutshell, it means that it has to be able to generate value for future owners—without you and/or your business partners. That is, it needs to be able to generate future profits using repeatable and reliable processes. Buyers buy the future.

Once the pieces are in place, you can reap the ongoing financial benefits or sell your business. The choice is yours. The key is creating a situation where you have the choice. Because the costs of doing nothing are high, and the longer you wait the fewer options you will likely have.

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Why do so few business owners develop sellable value in their business?

Shockingly, only 10% of all business owners develop—and execute—a plan for succession or sale.

The W. Alexander Group Approach

What makes our approach so effective? On the most basic level, it’s because our approach is simple. We look to grow the equity value of your business by maximizing its sellable value drivers.

With our approach, business owners can preserve their legacy and build incremental equity. We work to minimize the owner’s risk, but because we become partners, we also have skin in the game.

We do this by partnering with you to provide hands on strategic and operational involvement that will make your business more sellable later on. Our goal is to position your business for growth, maximize your return, and execute a successful exit. It is a novel uncommon alternative approach.

Our Approach

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