Website Refresh for 2020

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Bill Goldberg
March 2, 2020

Website Refresh for 2020: New Pages on

You might have noticed we’ve been quieter than usual lately. That’s because we’ve been busy behind the scenes updating and refreshing our website. We’ve added some pages and moved some things around to make it a little easier for you to navigate and learn how we can help you.

Below is a brief overview of the changes. We hope you’ll take a look for yourself!

New Pages for You

There are a few things we are pretty sure you’ll be looking for at some point as the owner of a small-mid sized business. We offer a unique approach that reflects those things, so we added content on our website to clarify how it all fits together. Here are the pages we added:

Effective Alternatives to Selling Your Business:

Business owners are often faced with internal or external pressure to sell their business now. But there are effective alternatives to selling your business. Once the pieces are in place, you can reap the ongoing financial benefits or sell your business. The choice is yours. The key is creating a situation where you have alternatives to selling your business. Because the costs of doing nothing are high, and the longer you wait the fewer options you will likely have. Learn more.

Business Exit Planning Strategies:

Business exit planning might be the farthest thing from your mind. Perhaps you would be surprised to know how far ahead you really need to plan if you want to optimize the sale when and if you ARE ready. Working on long-range business exit planning can feel overwhelming, but the good news is that the same steps that help you work towards an eventual successful exit also contribute to ongoing business health, growth and financial strength. Learn more.

Sellability and Business Valuation Report:

A business valuation report outlines the results of an appraisal, determining the objective value of the business. We use it in partnership with business owners, investing and working with them to get their businesses ready for sale or transfer whenever they are ready for that step. If the report tells a different story, the opportunity remains to use it as a starting point and guide for a strategic reset, performance improvement and organizational turnaround, and sooner or later, sellability. Learn more.

Other Recent Changes to

In addition to the new pages, we also made a few other important changes:

Our main navigation was getting a little crowded, so we simplified it. That means we also added a couple of drop-down menus where pages aligned, so now you’ll fond Our Approach under Selling Alternatives, Using Business Valuation under Exit Planning, and Ideal Partner Profile under About Our Leadership.

If you visited us previously, you may have seen an online assessment. We’ve taken a more hands-on approach recently, and are no longer using that assessment. That doesn’t mean we can’t help! Just say the word and we’ll start the conversation to assess where you are and where you need to go.

In case you missed it, we’ve produced a lot of content we hope you’ll find valuable. Keep an eye on our Blog for more helpful information, tips and resources.

About W. Alexander Group

We are the W Alexander Group, headquartered in Cincinnati. We are not consultants or business brokers. We are private minority investors who work in active partnership with owners to provide an alternative to selling their business now through strategic and operational initiatives.  Our uncommon approach protects owner equity and provides an interim step, allowing for a more planful change and down-the-road sellability when you are ready to transition.

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