Our Approach

We know what it takes to build sellable value

Our Value Proposition

At the W. Alexander Group, we take a truly novel approach to growing and transitioning businesses. We’re not consultants, bankers, or brokers.

Instead, we’re private investors who work with business owners like you to maximize your business’ value. By helping you grow your business we ensure you earn as much equity as possible while also preserving your legacy.

To achieve this, we work with you to identify your business’ growth levers, such as increased sales, strategic leadership/talent acquisition, or other areas that increase value. We then develop and execute a strategy to build your business’ potential value. That way, when you’re ready to sell, you’ll have a valuable asset and can leave your business worry-free.

Why Our Approach Works

We’re experienced entrepreneurs who have worked in both the private and public sectors, and we know what makes a business valuable and sellable. By working with you to build value—and your equity—over a period of 3-7 years, we help you preserve your legacy while positioning your company for sellability.

Who This Approach Is For

W. Alexander Group primarily works with business owners who operate firms with $3 - $20million in revenues. Our main focus is business to business (B2B) firms though we work with other types of firms as well. Most importantly, we work with owners who want to maximize their business value before selling.

Uncommon approach to partnership with business owners

The W. Alexander Group Operating Partnership Model is an interim step to business transition, allowing for a more planful life change when an owner is ready to sell in the future. The business owner remains an integral part of the business. The model protects current equity while the owner participates in equity appreciation.


Do Nothing

Sell Now

W. Alexander Group

Equity value of company
Remains locked up in company; potential decline
Potentially under valued; driven by past 3-5 years of operations; may not be optimal
Maximized by focusing on business worth drivers that buyers seek
At risk
At risk
Legacy preserved
Management team
Remains in place
Usually replaced
Bias toward keeping in place
Due diligence
Manageable process
Timing of realized value of business worth
Indefinite / never
3 – 7 years
Business improvements
Remain on shoulders of current management
Not applicable
Driven in partnership with experienced business value creators
Personal impact
No change from current lifestyle
Major, abrupt lifestyle change
Build business with partners; take positive, incremental steps toward exit
At risk
Family, employees, clients
Process consumes owner
Equity protected with exit-experienced partner
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