Preserving business value before you hang the "for sale" sign

Posted by:
Bill Goldberg
October 31, 2018

When owners think about monetizing their businesses, building the value first is key and should be considered before putting up the “for sale” sign.

This blog highlights 12 value drivers that contribute to business worth. Recognizing and acting on them is a way to bridge the gap between the value of the business and what you ultimately want to gain from selling it.

The W. Alexander Group partners with clients, both financially and operationally, to shape businesses into ones that are transferable and scalable. We walk hand in hand with you, identifying and adjusting business levers to build the worth of your business and ensure it delivers the value you’ve worked hard to build when you are ready to sell.

Blog author: Elizabeth J Mower, President of BEI and business and exit-planning attorney

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