Is My Business Sellable/Transferable?

Would someone want to buy my company?

Assessing Your Current Value

The W. Alexander Group has proprietary access to a database of 40,000+ highly predictable business-owner survey datasets. This data determines how Sellable/Transferable a business really is. It is called the Value Builder system. The Value Builder system is a statistically proven methodology for increasing the value of your company.

We combine our applied knowledge of maximizing business worth with your Value Builder score to reveal the key business levers that can affect the value of your business. We can help you unlock your company’s full potential.

Whether you want to sell next year, a decade from now, or pass your business on to family, you need to build a valuable and Sellable/Transferable asset for the future.

Why Calculate Your Score?

  • This score provides insight into eight valuation drivers and identifies where an investment of resources would have the greatest impact.
  • Your score can help you discover your company's hidden, untapped assets and spot the silent killers that may be holding you back.
  • Those companies with a Value Builder Score™ of 80 or more receive acquisition offers that are 71% higher than the average business.

What's In It For Me?

  1. Take the Assessment.  Complete the confidential online Value Builder Assessment.
  2. Get Your Score.  You will instantly receive a score between 1 to 100 that analyzes the 8 drivers that affect business value.
  3. Receive Your Custom Summary.For profitable B2B businesses with revenue in the $3mm to $20mm range the W. Alexander Group will contact you to arrange a review of your full report and begin a conversation about how to increase your business value.
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